Seasonal & Year - Round Products

Grown from February to November, Naturally & Locally Grown

No Pesticides or Herbicides. Biologically controlled.

Buy our Produce in Alberta's Local Co-op Stores, IGA Stores, and Farmers Markets.

Naturally and Locally Grown.

Selling at Farmers Markets in Edmonton & Area.

From Asparagus to Pickling Cuc's, to Radishes.

You name it - we grow it.

Hand weeded and picked fresh every day.

Buy at Local Farmers Markets in the Edmonton Area 

Chickens, Turkeys, Geese & Ducks

Breasts - Wings - Legs

Grass Fed Beef

Pork & Lamb

Free Run/Range - Naturally Raised

We make our own feed.

No Antibiotics/Hormones.

Honey, Pickles, Brooms, Gloves, Pies, and more...

Est 1968.